Pet cats as carriers of Arcobacter spp. in Southern Italy.

  title={Pet cats as carriers of Arcobacter spp. in Southern Italy.},
  author={Maria Teresa Fera and Erminia La Camera and Maria Gabriella Carbone and Daniela Malara and Maria Grazia Pennisi},
  journal={Journal of applied microbiology},
  volume={106 5},
AIMS To evaluate the presence of Arcobacter spp. in different biological samples from domestic cats in Southern Italy by using a species-specific PCR assay and thus to elucidate their potential significance as sources of human infection. METHODS AND RESULTS We investigated the prevalence of Arcobacter DNA in oral swabs, in peripheral blood samples and fine needle lymph node aspirate specimens from 85 cats of which 17 were clinically healthy and 68 had clinical signs of oral disease or… CONTINUE READING