Pests, peasants, and pesticides on the Northern Nicaraguan Pacific Plain.

  title={Pests, peasants, and pesticides on the Northern Nicaraguan Pacific Plain.},
  author={Aurora Arag{\'o}n and C Arag{\'o}n and Ake Th{\"o}rn},
  journal={International journal of occupational and environmental health},
  volume={7 4},
With the aim of exploring possible reasons for dangerous work practices among small-scale farmers in the Pacific plain of Nicaragua, a qualitative study was performed. Four focus groups were involved. The information gathered was analyzed with an emphasis on the farmers' relationships to and perspectives on their crops, the economy, pests, and pesticide hazards. Factors that had been anticipated, such as poverty, inadequacy of protective devices, and environmental factors, were found to lead to… CONTINUE READING

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