Pesticides and war: the case of Fritz Haber

  title={Pesticides and war: the case of Fritz Haber},
  author={Margit Sz{\"o}ll{\"o}si-Janze},
  journal={European Review},
  pages={97 - 108}
The interconversion of military and civilian scientific research has been discussed in various contexts. Fritz Haber was concerned with the military application of poison gas research in the First World War. It is less well known that, simultaneously, he also initiated modern pest control by toxic substances, thus taking advantage of the military development for civilian purposes. However, the case of Haber shows that, in the Age of Mass Extermination, such conversion cannot be easily kept… 

The Scientist as Expert: Fritz Haber and German Chemical Warfare During the First World War and Beyond

In the course of the First World War, scientists who would in peacetime generate new knowledge assumed the role of experts, i.e., professionals who made extant knowledge accessible to non-scientist

Gas: The Greatest Terror of the Great War

  • A. Padley
  • Political Science
    Anaesthesia and intensive care
  • 2016
The very agents used In the Great War are still causing death and injury through deployment in conflict areas such as Iraq and Syria, and anaesthetists, as front-line resuscitation specialists, may be directly involved in the management of gas casualties or become victims ourselves.

Dos and Don'ts in Augmentative Biological Control: Insights from Mathematical Modelling

This thesis presents the mathematical analysis of models in augmentative biological control, which involves the periodic release of predators that are not able to establish in an ecosystem in the absence of the pest, their primary prey, and summarizes the results into a set of practical guidelines.

Engineering Europe: big technologies and military systems in the making of 20th century Europe

Big technological projects have long been an object of study within the history of technology. This paper looks at large transnational projects in Europe during the 20th century, a class of projects