Pervasive social context: Taxonomy and survey


As pervasive computing meets social networks, there is a fast growing research field called pervasive social computing. Applications in this area exploit the richness of information arising out of people using sensor-equipped pervasive devices in their everyday life combined with intense use of different social networking services. We call this set of information pervasive social context. We provide a taxonomy to classify pervasive social context along the dimensions space, time, people, and information source (STiPI) as well as commenting on the type and reason for creating such context. A survey of recent research shows the applicability and usefulness of the taxonomy in classifying and assessing applications and systems in the area of pervasive social computing. Finally, we present some research challenges in this area and illustrate how they affect the systems being surveyed.

DOI: 10.1145/2483669.2483679

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