Pervasive oxygenation along late Archaean ocean margins

  title={Pervasive oxygenation along late Archaean ocean margins},
  author={Brian Kendall and Christopher T. Reinhard and Timothy W. Lyons and Alan Jay Kaufman and Simon W Poulton and Ariel D Anbar},
The photosynthetic production of oxygen in the oceans is thought to have begun by 2.7 billion years ago, several hundred million years before appreciable accumulation of oxygen in the atmosphere. However, the abundance and distribution of dissolved oxygen in the late Archaean oceans is poorly constrained. Here we present geochemical profiles from 2.6to 2.5-billion-year-old black shales from the Campbellrand–Malmani carbonate platform in South Africa. We find a high abundance of rhenium and a… CONTINUE READING