Pertussis vaccine--an analysis of benefits, risks and costs.

  title={Pertussis vaccine--an analysis of benefits, risks and costs.},
  author={Jeffrey P. Koplan and Stephen C. Schoenbaum and Milton C. Weinstein and David W. Fraser},
  journal={The New England journal of medicine},
  volume={301 17},
Using decision analysis, we estimated the benefits, risks and costs of routine childhood immunization against pertussis. Without an immunization program, we predict that there would be a 71-fold increase in cases and an almost fourfold increase in deaths (2.0 to 7.6) per cohort of one million children. With a vaccination program, we predict 0.1 case of encephalitis associated with pertussis and five cases of post-vaccination encephalitis; without a program, there would be only 2.3 cases of… CONTINUE READING