Perturbations of Weyl sums

  title={Perturbations of Weyl sums},
  author={Trevor D. Wooley},
  journal={International Mathematics Research Notices},
  • T. Wooley
  • Published 1 March 2015
  • Mathematics
  • International Mathematics Research Notices
Write $f_k({\boldsymbol \alpha};X)=\sum_{x\le X}e(\alpha_1x+\ldots +\alpha_kx^k)$ $(k\ge 3)$. We show that there is a set ${\mathfrak B}\subseteq [0,1)^{k-2}$ of full measure with the property that whenever $(\alpha_2,\ldots ,\alpha_{k-1})\in {\mathfrak B}$ and $X$ is sufficiently large, then $$\sup_{(\alpha_1,\alpha_k)\in [0,1)^2}|f_k({\boldsymbol \alpha};X)|\le X^{1/2+4/(2k-1)}.$$ For $k\ge 5$, this improves on work of Flaminio and Forni, in which a Diophantine condition is imposed on… Expand
On large values of Weyl sums
A special case of the Menshov--Rademacher theorem implies for almost all polynomials $x_1Z+\ldots +x_d Z^{d} \in {\mathbb R}[Z]$ of degree $d$ for the Weyl sums satisfy the upper bound $$ \left|Expand
On generating functions in additive number theory, II: lower-order terms and applications to PDEs
It is shown that for almost all sums of the form α 2 ∈ [ 0, 1) one has α 1, and that in a suitable sense this is best possible, which allows us to improve bounds for the fractal dimension of solutions to the Schrödinger and Airy equations. Expand
On a hybrid version of the Vinogradov mean value theorem
Given a family $$\varphi = (\varphi_1, \ldots, \varphi_d)\in \mathbb{Z}[T]^d$$ φ = ( φ 1 , … , φ d ) ∈ Z [ T ] d of d distinct nonconstant polynomials, a positive integer $$k\le d$$ k ≤ d and a realExpand
Metric theory of Weyl sums
We prove that there exist positive constants $C$ and $c$ such that for any integer $d \ge 2$ the set of ${\mathbf x}\in [0,1)^d$ satisfying $$ cN^{1/2}\le \left|\sum^N_{n=1}\exp\left (2 \pi i \leftExpand
Hybrid bounds on two-parametric family Weyl sums along smooth curves
We obtain a new bound on Weyl sums with degree $k\ge 2$ polynomials of the form $(\tau x+c) \omega(n)+xn$, $n=1, 2, \ldots$, with fixed $\omega(T) \in \mathbb{Z}[T]$ and $\tau \in \mathbb{R}$, whichExpand
Nested efficient congruencing and relatives of Vinogradov's mean value theorem
  • T. Wooley
  • Mathematics
  • Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society
  • 2018
We apply a nested variant of multigrade efficient congruencing to estimate mean values related to that of Vinogradov. We show that when $\varphi_j\in \mathbb Z[t]$ $(1\le j\le k)$ is a system ofExpand
Restricted mean value theorems and the metric theory of restricted Weyl sums
We study an apparently new question about the behaviour of Weyl sums on a subset $\mathcal{X}\subseteq [0,1)^d$ with a natural measure $\mu$ on $\mathcal{X}$. For certain measure spacesExpand
Hausdorff dimension of the large values of Weyl sums
The authors have recently obtained a lower bound of the Hausdorff dimension of the sets of vectors $(x_1, \ldots, x_d)\in [0,1)^d$ with large Weyl sums, namely of vectors for which $$ \left|Expand
Two-dimensional Weyl sums failing square-root cancellation along lines
We show that a certain two-dimensional family of Weyl sums of length $P$ takes values as large as $P^{3/4 + o(1)}$ on almost all linear slices of the unit torus, contradicting a widely heldExpand
New Bounds of Weyl Sums
We augment the method of Wooley (2015) by some new ideas and in a series of results, improve his metric bounds on the Weyl sums and the discrepancy of fractional parts of real polynomials withExpand


On Vinogradov’s mean value theorem: strongly diagonal behaviour via efficient congruencing
We enhance the efficient congruencing method for estimating Vinogradov’s integral for moments of order 2s, with $${1\leqslant s\leqslant k^{2}-1}$$1⩽s⩽k2-1. In this way, we prove the main conjectureExpand
On effective equidistribution for higher step nilflows
The main goal of this paper is to obtain optimal estimates on the speed of equidistribution of nilflows on higher step nilmanifolds. Under a Diophantine condition on the frequencies of the toralExpand
We apply multigrade efficient congruencing to estimate Vino- gradov's integral of degree k for moments of order 2s, establishing strongly diagonal behaviour for 1 6 s 6 1 k(k + 1) − 1 k + o(k). InExpand
Vinogradov's mean value theorem via efficient congruencing, II
We apply the efficient congruencing method to estimate Vinogradov's integral for moments of order 2s, with 1 =k^2-1. In this way we come half way to proving the main conjecture in two differentExpand
The cubic case of the main conjecture in Vinogradov's mean value theorem
Abstract We apply a variant of the multigrade efficient congruencing method to estimate Vinogradov's integral of degree 3 for moments of order 2 s , establishing strongly diagonal behaviour for 1 ⩽ sExpand
Vinogradov's mean value theorem via efficient congruencing
We obtain estimates for Vinogradov’s integral that for the rst time approach those conjectured to be the best possible. Several applications of these new bounds are provided. In particular, theExpand
Multigrade efficient congruencing and Vinogradov's mean value theorem
We develop a multigrade enhancement of the efficient congru- encing method to estimate Vinogradov's integral of degree k for moments of order 2s, thereby obtaining near-optimal estimates for 5 k 2Expand
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Pustyl nikov, New estimates of Weyl sums and the remainder term in the law of distribution of the fractional part of a polynomial, Ergodic Theory Dynam
  • Systems
  • 1991