Perturbation theory for the effective interaction in nuclei

  title={Perturbation theory for the effective interaction in nuclei},
  author={T. H. Schucan and H. Weidenmueller},
  journal={Annals of Physics},
  • T. H. Schucan, H. Weidenmueller
  • Published 1973
  • Physics
  • Annals of Physics
  • Abstract Starting from a decomposition of the Hamiltonian H(x) of the nuclear many-body problem in the form H(x) = H0 + xV, where H0 is a shell-model Hamiltonian, V the residual interaction, and x a strength parameter, we introduce a general effective interaction W(x) describing the interaction of nucleons within a shell, and the associated effective operators A (x) . We display some properties of these operators. From a particular choice of W(x) we obtain the expressions introduced earlier by… CONTINUE READING
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