Perturbation Theory. (Book Reviews: Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics)

  title={Perturbation Theory. (Book Reviews: Methods of Quantum Field Theory in Statistical Physics)},
  author={Alexei A. Abrikosov and Richard A. Silverman},
Abrikosov, Gorkov, Dzyaloshinski, Methods of quantum field theory in statistical physics Fetter, Walecka, Quantum theory of many-particle systems T. Schaefer, Quark Matter, hep-ph/0304281. J. Kogut, M. Stephanov, The Phases of QCD, Cambridge University Press (2004). K. Rajagopal, F. Wilczek, The Condensed Matter Physics of QCD, hep-ph/0011333. J. Lattimer and M. Prakash, The Physics of Neutron Stars, astro-ph/0405262. D. Kaplan, Five lectures on effective field theory, nucl-th/0510023. 
Finite temperature field theory
This paper is a pedagogical review for non-experts of some topics in finite temperature quantum field theory. It begins with a review of thermodynamics and a summary of the lattice results for phase
Advances in perturbative thermal field theory
The progress in the last decade in perturbative quantum field theory at high temperatures and densities, made possible by the use of effective field theories and hard thermal/dense loop resummations
Field Theories of Condensed Matter Physics
1. Introduction 2. The Hubbard model 3. The magnetic instability of the Fermi system 4. The renormalization group and scaling 5. One-dimensional quantum antiferromagnets 6. The Luttinger liquid 7.
Euclidean Quantum Field Theory. I: Equations For A Scalar Model
The analytic continuations to imaginary time of the Green's functions of local quantum field theory define Euclidean Green's functions. Use of the proper‐time method allows to represent these
Renormalization Group Studies of Quantum Phase Transitions in the Heisenberg-Kitaev Model on the Triangular Lattice
Recently, quantum spin liquids (QSL), as an example of topologically ordered phases, have attracted much attention [1]. A prominent model potentially hosting QSL states is the Heisenberg-Kitaev model
Modern problems in statistical physics of Bose -Einstein condensation and in electrodynamics of free electron lasers
Modern Problems in Statistical Physics of Bose-Einstein Condensation and in Electrodynamics of Free Electron Lasers. (May 2009) Konstantin Dorfman, B.S., Nizhny Novgorod State University; M.S., Texas
Ads/CFT Correspondence and Superconductivity: Various Approaches and Magnetic Phenomena
The AdS/CFT correspondence is one of the most important developments in the history of theoretical physics. Using as a binding bridge superstring theory, or, more concretely, some theoretical aspects
New approach to perturbation theory of many-particle systems
We derive an infinite hierarchy of integral equations for the Green functions of a many-particle system. This set of equations forms the basis of a unified approach to the perturbation theory of many
Thermodynamics in 2+1 Dimensional QED with Chern-Simons Term
It is known that in the 2+1 dimensional quantum electrodynamics with Chern-Simons term, spontaneous magnetic field induces Lorentz symmetry breaking. In this paper, thermodynamical characters,