Pertes de substances digitales et syndrome du canal carpien

  title={Pertes de substances digitales et syndrome du canal carpien},
  author={Jp. Huaux and J. J. Rombouts and Philippe Knoops and Henri No{\"e}l and J P Devogelaer and Charles Nagant de Deuxchaisnes},
We have observed three cases of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) complicated by cutaneous ulcerations and acroosteolysis. Although our first patient had a mild case of CTS, he had a concomitant amphetamine addition. This led to a mania for gnawing away at the digits in the territory of the median nerve. Our other two patients had severe cases of CTS. One suffered from diabetes and the other from primary amyloidosis. Surgical decompression of the median nerve was carried out in these two cases and… CONTINUE READING