Persuasive Appliances: Goal Priming and Behavioral Response to Product-Integrated Energy Feedback

  title={Persuasive Appliances: Goal Priming and Behavioral Response to Product-Integrated Energy Feedback},
  author={Teddy McCalley and Florian G. Kaiser and Cees J. H. Midden and Merijn Keser and Maarten Teunissen},
Previous studies have shown the embedding of feedback dialogue in electronic appliances to be a promising energy conservation tool if the correct goal-feedback match is made. [] Key Result Results suggest enhanced performance when an action-related goal is primed, however, more participants must be included before final conclusions can be drawn.
Interactive Persuasive Systems: A Perspective on Theory and Evaluation
The goal is not to champion a theoretical model over others or to compare the effectiveness of different persuasive strategies but rather to depict the current conceptual landscape in this field and highlight emerging concepts and positions that have recently appeared in it.
Positive Persuasion - Designing enjoyable energy feedback experiences in the home
This thesis asks how energy use can be visualized, and how playful and social design features can be employed to generate interest and make energy more noticeable in the authors' lives, and argues that the role of feedback on energy use often is misunderstood.
Persuasive design of a mobile energy conservation game with direct feedback and social cues
Power Explorer is a mobile game with a special sensing approach that provides real-time electricity measurements and feedback when the user switches on and off devices in the home.
EZ Phone : Persuading Mobile Users to Conserve Energy 8
The results show that text (SMS) is perceived to be the most persuading and Multimedia Message Service (MMS) the least persuading.
A Persuasive game for social development of children in Indian cultural context — A Human Computer Interaction design approach
A Human centered Human Computer Interaction design approach for conceptualization of Persuasive games relevant to Indian cultural context and presents a final persuasive game concept which is intended to bring about positive changes in children' diffidence and shyness behaviors.
Ambient Persuasion for the Good Society
In this paper we argue for a pro-active, technology-driven as well as social problem-driven technology assessment (TA) of Ambient Persuasion technologies. Our starting point for assessing ICTs
Ethics of e-coaching: Implications of employing pervasive computing to promote healthy and sustainable lifestyles
  • Joel Anderson, B. Kamphorst
  • Political Science
    2014 IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communication Workshops (PERCOM WORKSHOPS)
  • 2014
It is explained that pervasive “e-coaching” technologies have the potential to support individuals in attaining and maintaining healthy and sustainable lifestyles by supporting and strengthening people's self-regulatory capacities. - Increasing Energy Awareness Using an Interactive Energy Comparison Tool
The results indicate that using an interactive tool like this even for a limited time is a good way to in an efficient and fun way increase energy awareness.
Heuristic evaluation of persuasive systems; the case of educational programs
The study shows that the heuristics used were operationalized versions of well-known persuasive principles and can be used in a summative heuristic evaluation of persuasive power of educational systems.
Improving Health Care with a Virtual Human Sleep Coach
Persuasive technology can have a significant effect on people’s health. The sleep coach application is a persuasive technology that raises student’s awareness and attitudes towards getting a full


Building a practically useful theory of goal setting and task motivation. A 35-year odyssey.
The authors summarize 35 years of empirical research on goal-setting theory. They describe the core findings of the theory, the mechanisms by which goals operate, moderators of goal effects, the
Joint effect of feedback and goal setting on performance: a field study of residential energy conservation
The facilitating motivational effect of feedback on performance has been attributed by some to difficult goals set in response to feedback. In this article, the effect was attributed to the presence
The effects of feedback interventions on performance: A historical review, a meta-analysis, and a preliminary feedback intervention theory.
the total number of papers may exceed 10,000. Nevertheless, cost consideration forced us to consider mostly published papers and technical reports in English. 4 Formula 4 in Seifert (1991) is in
Building a practicaly useful theory of goal setting and task motivation
  • American Psychologist
  • 2002
Milieugedrag in Eindhoven. Gemeente Eindhoven afdeling bestuursinformatie en onderzoek
  • Milieugedrag in Eindhoven. Gemeente Eindhoven afdeling bestuursinformatie en onderzoek
  • 2004