Persuasion and Coercion: A Critical Review of Philosophical and Empirical Approaches

  title={Persuasion and Coercion: A Critical Review of Philosophical and Empirical Approaches},
  author={Penny Powers},
  journal={HEC Forum},
  • P. Powers
  • Published 26 May 2007
  • Philosophy
  • HEC Forum
Coercive persuasion in the rebranding Nigeria campaign discourse
This article examines the discursive practices of coercive persuasion deployed by Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Communications to justify the rebranding Nigeria campaign as a policy designe...
All Deterrence Is Local: The Utility and Application of Localised Deterrence in Counterinsurgency
The deterrence of non-state actors is a relatively understudied and not particularly well-understood aspect of deterrence studies. This chapter contributes to the emerging body of knowledge on this
Community Perspectives on Communicating About Precision Medicine in an Alaska Native Tribal Health Care System
This study characterizes the informational needs and communication preferences of patients, providers, and leaders at an Alaska Native Tribal health organization and can inform approaches to communicating information about precision medicine to stakeholders within Tribal and other health care systems considering implementation of precision medicine in clinical or research contexts.
Medical Prophylaxis in the Military: A Case for Limited Compulsion
It is described how the ethical imperatives of a military unit differ from those of civilian society and how these build a case for why the right to respect for autonomy may take secondary consideration to the principles of beneficence and justice in such a setting.
What is in a Name? Parent, Professional and Policy-Maker Conceptions of Consent-Related Language in the Context of Newborn Screening
It is suggested that consent procedures should be explained descriptively, regardless of approach, so there are clear indications of what is expected of parents and healthcare professionals.
Ethical issues in living-related corneal tissue transplantation
The first overview of the ethical considerations generated by ocular tissue donation from living donors is provided and how these might be addressed in practice is suggested.
Deficits or Strengths? Re-conceptualising Youth Development Program Practice
This thesis is about the Queensland Youth Development Research Project (YDRP), a program of research I designed to respond to the absence of research on community youth development programs in
Ethical persuasion: the rhetoric of communication in critical care.
  • A. Dubov
  • Psychology
    Journal of evaluation in clinical practice
  • 2015
Whether it is always unethical to change someone's beliefs, whether persuasive communication is inherently harmful and whether it leaves no space for voluntariness is discussed, as well as whether providers may have a duty to persuade patients.


The Ethics of Rhetoric
Contents: The Phaedrus and the Nature of Rhetoric. Dialectic and Rhetoric at Dayton, Tennessee. Edmund Burke and the Argument from Circumstance. Abraham Lincoln and the Argument from Definition. Some
For Your Own Good: The Anti-Smoking Crusade and the Tyranny of Public Health
The tobacco controversy is usually portrayed as a battle between selfless defenders of public health and greedy merchants of death. In "For Your Own Good", award-winning journalist Jacob Sullum
How To Get People To Do Things
Why have so many people all over the world taken Robert Conklin's Adventures in Attitudes seminars? Because his warm, practical methods not only work, they also promote better, more fulfulling human