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Persuasión en plataformas e-learning, una mirada hacia la transformación del discurso tecnopedagógico

  title={Persuasi{\'o}n en plataformas e-learning, una mirada hacia la transformaci{\'o}n del discurso tecnopedag{\'o}gico},
  author={Alexandra Tellez and Gerson Arias and Biomar Rojas Ar{\'e}valo},
This research is carried out in Reino de Holanda School in Bogota, Colombia. The purpose of this research is to show some rhetorical elements on platforms e-learning on (AVA) Learning virtual environment. The problem emerges when the researchers ask for rhetoric and its role on internet even how their affections can affect the teacher's speech and the technopedagogic. First, two surveys were made, one of them for the teachers and the other one for students from fifth grade in primary school… CONTINUE READING