Perspex Machine IX: transreal analysis

  title={Perspex Machine IX: transreal analysis},
  author={James Anderson},
  booktitle={Electronic Imaging},
  • James Anderson
  • Published in Electronic Imaging 2007
  • Mathematics, Engineering
We introduce transreal analysis as a generalisation of real analysis. We find that the generalisation of the real exponential and logarithmic functions is well defined for all transreal numbers. Hence, we derive well defined values of all transreal powers of all non-negative transreal numbers. In particular, we find a well defined value for zero to the power of zero. We also note that the computation of products via the transreal logarithm is identical to the transreal product, as expected. We… Expand
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Transdifferential and transintegral calculus
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Transreal Calculus
Transvector Algebra and Analysis Operate at Singularities


Perspex Machine VIII: axioms of transreal arithmetic
Perspex machine: VII. The universal perspex machine
Exact numerical computation of the rational general linear transformations
Representing geometrical knowledge.
  • J. A. Anderson
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences
  • 1997