Perspectives from the Disciplines: Sociological Contributions to Education Policy Research and Debates

  title={Perspectives from the Disciplines: Sociological Contributions to Education Policy Research and Debates},
  author={Douglas L. Lauen and Karolyn Tyson},
Rerouting the School to Prison Pipeline: A Phenomenological Study of the Educational Experiences of African American Males Who Have Been Expelled from Public Schools
............................................................................................................................ vii Chapter One: Background and Statement of the Problem
An Exploratory Examination of Spirituality and Black Student Academic Success at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
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Educational Leave as a Time Resource for Participation in Adult Learning and Education (ALE)
The study investigates effects of the implementation of a law authorizing educational leave in Germany on individual participation in adult learning and education (ALE) by investigating effects of educational policy interventions such as the Bildungszeitgesetz and reveals that the implementation causes decreasing participation rates for younger adults, women and significantly for migrants.
Examining Elementary Teachers’ Risk for Occupational Stress: Associations with Teacher, School, and State Policy Variables
Background/Context It is widely understood that teachers are plagued by a myriad of challenges that ultimately affect their stress levels, job satisfaction, and effectiveness at work. Teacher stress
The roots and routes of environmental and sustainability education policy research – an introduction to a virtual special issue
This article introduces the themes of a virtual special issue (VSI) of Environmental Education Research ( focused on policy research in
The Neoliberal Policy Agenda of the World Bank and Higher Education Reform in Ethiopia: The Problem of Inequality in Focus
Partly as a consequence of the knowledge-driven poverty reduction discourse of the World Bank (WB), higher education (HE) has assumed a central place in the development plans and strategies of
Israeli Education Policy since 1948 and the State of Arab Education in Israel
This paper analyses Israeli policy towards Arab education in Israel and its consequences. Drawing upon literature on the colonial nation-state, and ethnic indigenous minorities, the study
Designing Instruction and Grouping Students to Enhance the Learning of All: New Hope or False Promise?
Ability grouping continues to be a controversial practice. High-achieving students tend to benefit from the practice while low-achieving students tend to fall further behind than they do under


Keepin' it real : school success beyond black and white
Preface Acknowledgments Introduction: Minding the Gap: Race, Ethnicity, Achievement and Cultural Meanings 1. Beyond Belief: Acculturation, Accommodation and Non-compliance 2. "Black" Cultural Capital
School Reform 2007: Transforming Education into a Scientific Enterprise
AbstractThe article begins with a brief review of prior school reform movements and how and why they are different from today. Unlike past reform movements, school reform efforts are now focused on
Teachers and Student Achievement in the Chicago Public High Schools
We estimate the importance of teachers in Chicago public high schools using matched student‐teacher administrative data. A one standard deviation, one semester improvement in math teacher quality
Handbook of the Sociology of Education
Preface. Introduction M.T. Hallinan. I: Theoretical and Methodological Orientations. 1. A Social Psychological Approach to the Study of Schooling C.E. Bidwell. 2. The Organizational Context of
Closing the Achievement Gap by Detracking
Achievement follows from opportunities, Ms. Burris and Mr. Welner a s s e rt, and the persistent practice of tracking denies a range of o p p o rtunities to large numbers of students. That a dispro p