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Perspective of Agricultural Mechanization in Supaul District of North Bihar- A Research

  title={Perspective of Agricultural Mechanization in Supaul District of North Bihar- A Research},
  author={Mukesh Kumar Verma and Ashok Kumar Tripathi},
As a major sector, agriculture continues to be the life line for millions of farmers in Bihar; India. Change in the production and productivity in the field of agriculture being possible in Bihar due to a massive diversion from the traditional agriculture to new commercial agriculture. As urbanization in the state is still very poor, nearly 90 per cent of the population lives in rural areas. The State of Bihar is also lagging behind the national average On all socio-economic indicators like per… 

Farm mechanization in Bangladesh: a Review

Agriculture of Bangladesh is characterized by overwhelmingly small holdings due to higher population density and nearly 80 per cent of its population residing in the rural areas coupled with unabated

Farmers’ experience with subsidy scheme on power tillers to enhance farm mechanization in India

Realizing the importance of farm mechanization in purview of shortage of farm labour and increasing demand from land for higher productivity, the Government of India implemented a subsidy scheme for

A comprehensive review on power tillers usage – bottlenecks and prospects in India

  • K. R.R. R
  • Economics
    IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
  • 2022
Agriculture mechanization is essential to increasing agricultural productivity and lowering production costs via timely agricultural operations.. The vast majority of farmers in India (86 percent)

A Review on Custom Hiring Services under Indian Conditions: Farmer’s Perception, Associated Factors, Constraints, and Suggestions

  • U. KiskuA. Singh
  • Economics
    Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology
  • 2022
Indian agriculture has witnessed a dearth in farm mechanization resulting in inadequate production and productivity in various parts of the country. Despite its need and usefulness, farm

Requirement of Energy for Mechanized Cultivation of Sugarcane in Narsinghpur, (M.P.), India

The purpose of this study was to determine the requirement of the energy for mechanization in sugarcane which was involved in the cultivation of sugarcane from primary tillage to ratoon management of

Status of farm Mechanization for Saccharum officinarum (sugarcane) in Narsinghpur, (M.P.), India

The aim of this study was to find out the farm mechanization status for saccharum officinarum (sugarcane) from the selected area of the study Narsinghpur, (M.P.) India. Saccharum officinarum

What’s the Benefit of Adaptation to Climate Change? Application of Partial Budgeting for the Rice Growers of Eastern Himalaya in India

The work was carried out in collaboration between all authors. The study was designed by all the authors. Author DR managed the literature, performed the statistical analysis and wrote the first

Horticultural mechanization in Madhya Pradesh

As a major sector, agriculture continues to be the life line for millions of farmers in Madhya Pradesh; India. Change in the production and productivity in the field of agriculture being possible in




Since national independence, Indian agriculture has passed through three distinct phases of growth (pre-green revolution, green revolution, and post-green revolution), for an increase in food-grain

Role of Japan in Promotion of Agricultural Mechanization in India

Indian agricultural equipment market experienced a rapid growth with import of paddy transplanter, sugarcane harvester, cotton pickers, air-assisted sprayers etc. during the last few years. Japan’s

Sale trend of tractors & farm power availability in India

Mechanization has been well received in India as one of the important elements of modernization of agriculture. Tractor growth in the country in terms of production and sale was many folds. A tractor

Agricultural mechanization policy and strategy: The case of Thailand

The role of agricultural mechanization in a developing economy is examined in order to enhance the formulation of mechanization policy and strategy. As a result of the review and assessment of the

Agricultural mechanization : a comparative historical perspective

This article provides a detailed comparative historical review of the patterns of agricultural mechanization by operation. It reemphasizes the major conclusions of the induced innovation literature,

Agricultural mechanization at a glance Selected country studies in Asia on agricultural machinery development

Soni, Peeyush; Ou, Yinggang.2012.Agricultural mechanization at a glance,Report,[Beijing]United Nations Asian and Pacific Centre for Agricultural Engineering and Machinery,142

A Report on Agricultural Production and Processing Technologies for Women in India

Even though there has been a considerable increase in the use of mechanical power, Indian agriculture continues to be largely dependent on animate power. The population of agricultural workers in I...


The basic requirements for small scale cropping machines are, they should be suitable for small farms, simple in design and technology and versatile for use in different farm operations. A manually