Perspective: Molecular Identity of the Outwardly Rectifying, Swelling-activated Anion Channel: Time to Reevaluate pICln

  title={Perspective: Molecular Identity of the Outwardly Rectifying, Swelling-activated Anion Channel: Time to Reevaluate pICln },
  author={Karen L. Strange},
  journal={The Journal of General Physiology},
  pages={617 - 622}
Cells respond to swelling by activating anion and cation channels that allow the passive loss of inorganic ions and organic solutes. Net solute efflux accompanied by osmotically obliged water functions to return cell volume towards its original value, a process termed regulatory volume decrease. An apparently ubiquitous response to swelling in vertebrate cells is activation of an outwardly rectifying an-ion current termed I Cl.swell. The general characteristics of this current include an… CONTINUE READING


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