Personality prototypes in eating disorders based on the Big Five model.

  title={Personality prototypes in eating disorders based on the Big Five model.},
  author={Laurence Claes and Walter Vandereycken and Patrick Luyten and Bart Soenens and Guido Pieters and Hans Vertommen},
  journal={Journal of personality disorders},
  volume={20 4},
A three factor model of personality pathology was investigated in a clinical sample of 335 female eating disordered patients. Cluster analysis of the Big Five NEO-FFI scales (Costa & McCrae, 1992) yielded three distinct personality profiles, which were consistent with previous studies: (1) a resilient/high functioning cluster with no clinical elevations on the NEO-FFI scales; (2) an undercontrolled/emotionally dysregulated cluster with elevated scores on the Neuroticism scale and low scores on… CONTINUE READING

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