[Personality of the parkinsonian. Clinical and psychometric approach].


The personality of patients suffering from Parkinson's disease has been considered as the basis of a psychosomatic theory or more simply as a form of reaction. Between these two extremes the controversy continues and is modified by the use of dopaminergic agents. In this study, 30 patients suffering from parkinson's disease undergo a psychological examination and a M.M.P.I.; the results allow us to determine a pre-morbid obsessive personality coupled with agressivity and ambition. A transformation occurs with the arrival of illness; dependence, passivity, suggestibility evolve in a context where anxiety is relieved of all agressivity but acquires a depressive character. The people surrounding the patients play a part in this transformation. Moreover the pre-morbid characteristics of these patients remind the physician of H. Tellenbach's "typus melancholicus".

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