Personality characteristics of homosexual men suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.

  title={Personality characteristics of homosexual men suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.},
  author={B. Wells and C. Schofield},
  journal={The British Journal of Venereal Diseases},
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This investigation is the most recent of a series of heuristic studies of patients attending special clinics for sexually transmitted diseases (Wells, 1968, 1969, 1970; Wells and Schofield, 1970). Apart from the general interest and value of building up a broad picture of the social and psychological characteristics of that vast body of patients, studies of certain groups, such as prostitutes and highly promiscuous women, have a special interest in terms of their epidemiological significance… Expand
Homosexuality and Venereal Diseases.
It is probably true that it is not usually possible to detect homosexual tendencies from a short interview and medical examination, but the clinician has to be exceptionally experienced to acquire such knowledge. Expand
Examining the homosexual male for sexually transmitted diseases.
Health care services must be offered in a way that minimizes the anxiety many homosexuals associate with examination and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Expand
Report on a community based venereal disease clinic for homosexual men
A community based venereal disease clinic designed to meet the particular needs of homosexual men is described, with data offered to document the prevalence of asymptomatic gonorrhea and the need for screening of atypical sites in this population. Expand
Venereal disease control among homosexuals; An outreach program.
Of the 118 sera drawn, ten were reactive on serologic testing, and two of these reactive blood tests led to the discovery of two new cases of primary syphiles, lending credence to case finding by field-screening a high-risk population. Expand
Psychiatric disorders, suicidality, and personality among young men by sexual orientation
There are noteworthy differences in personality traits by sexual orientation, and much of the increased mental morbidity appears to be accounted for by such underlying differences, with important implications for etiology and treatment. Expand
Personality and Sexual Orientation: New Data and Meta-analysis
Personality differences were observed between those who identified as heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual (gay/lesbian) on all five measured traits and there was evidence that personality differences between sexual orientation categories tend to decline with age. Expand
Linking Big Five Personality Traits to Sexuality and Sexual Health: A Meta-Analytic Review
Mean effect sizes from 100 separate meta-analyses provided evidence that personality relates to theoretically predicted components of sexuality and sexual health, and less robust evidence indicated that extraversion related negatively, and neuroticism positively, to child sexual abuse, and that openness related negatively to homophobic attitudes. Expand


Psychiatric referral of patients in a venereal diseases clinic.
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This report is a first impression gained under the conditions outlined, and is by no means a comprehensive survey of the extent of psychiatric disturbance in patients attending this venereology clinic. Expand
Sex Variants. A Study of Homosexual Patterns
An enchanting anthology which should appeal to all lovers of humanity, and for the bedside table or the odd leisure hour it will join the select few. Expand
Manual of the Eysenck Personality Inventory
  • 1964
Sexual Anomalies and Per
  • 1946