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  author={Vera Rich},
Subalgebras of the Fomin–Kirillov algebra
The Fomin–Kirillov algebra $${\mathcal {E}}_n$$En is a noncommutative quadratic algebra with a generator for every edge of the complete graph on n vertices. For any graph G on n vertices, we define
Staircase skew Schur functions are Schur P-positive
We prove Stanley’s conjecture that, if δn is the staircase shape, then the skew Schur functions $s_{\delta_{n} / \mu}$ are non-negative sums of Schur P-functions. We prove that the coefficients in
High Dimensional Expanders: Eigenstripping, Pseudorandomness, and Unique Games
A combinatorial characterization of the spectral structure of HD-walks on two-sided local-spectral expanders, which offers a broad generalization of the well-studied Johnson and Grassmann graphs, and a novel spectral complexity measure called Stripped Threshold Rank, which can replace the (much larger) threshold rank as a parameter controlling the performance of algorithms on structured objects.
Understanding the socioeconomic profile of people who experienced opioid overdoses in British Columbia, 2014 to 2016.
This project demonstrated further added value to existing data by using this linkage approach and aligned with strategies underway by BC public health partners to provide cross-sectoral evidence to inform efforts to prevent and manage opioid overdoses.
Permutations with exactly one copy of a decreasing pattern of length k
We construct an injection from the set of permutations of length n that contain exactly one copy of the decreasing pattern of length k to the set of permutations of length n+2 that avoid that
Corrosion of steel in carbonated concrete: mechanisms, practical experience, and research priorities – a critical review by RILEM TC 281-CCC
Carbonation of concrete is generally assumed to lead to reinforcing steel corrosion. This mindset has long dictated the research priorities surrounding the developments towards new, low-emission
Fast, Accurate, and Healthier: Interactive Blurring Helps Moderators Reduce Exposure to Harmful Content
This work investigates a set of blur-based moderation interfaces for reducing exposure to disturbing content whilst preserving moderator ability to quickly and accurately flag it, and shows interactive blurring designs can reduce emotional impact without sacrificing moderation accuracy and speed.
On the Rank-1 convex hull of a set arising from a hyperbolic system of Lagrangian elasticity
  • A. Lorent, G. Peng
  • Mathematics
    Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations
  • 2020
We address the questions (P1), (P2) asked in Kirchheim-Muller-Sverak (2003) concerning the structure of the Rank-$1$ convex hull of a submanifold $\mathcal{K}_1\subset M^{3\times 2}$ that is related