Personal bodily rights, abortion, and unplugging the violinist.

  title={Personal bodily rights, abortion, and unplugging the violinist.},
  author={Francis Beckwith},
  journal={International philosophical quarterly : IPQ},
  volume={32 1 Issue 125},
  • F. Beckwith
  • Published 1 February 1992
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • International philosophical quarterly : IPQ
THOSE WHO argue against abortion-rights (or prolife advocates) often try to show that the unborn entity during some period of its development is fully human (or "a person"), and hence, elective abortion, which entails the death of this unborn entity, is a serious moral wrong. l Some defenders of abortion-rights (or prochoice advocates), however, do not see the status of the unborn as the decisive factor in whether or not abortion is morally justified. They argue that the unborn's presence in… 
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