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Personal and extended networks are central to the entrepreneurial process

  title={Personal and extended networks are central to the entrepreneurial process},
  author={David Z. YankelevskyU and Itzhak Avnon},
From A PRACTITIONER’S VIEWPOINT, NETWORKING IS A USEFUL TOOL FOR entrepreneurs who wish to enlarge their span of action and save time. Admonitions to “network,” however, may not be enough. “Networking” may result in a time-consuming and fruitless effort, and leave potential partners highly frustrated (Turati 1988). From a theoretical point of view, it thus becomes necessary to specify the conditions under which networking contributes to business effectiveness, and to link it to the… 
Despite the widely shared belief that networks are essenti al to organizational emergence, the central propositions of network theory have received less than compelling support in an entrepreneurial
Motivations and Benefits of Entrepreneurial Network Formation
This paper studies entrepreneurial networks in a former socialist economy setting. The aim of the paper is to investigate motivations and benefits of specific entrepreneurial networks. The paper
A typology of entrepreneurial network configurations: integration of network structures and flows
This study formally introduces configuration theory to the study of how elements in networks interact to holistically form configurations and provides the ability to classify entrepreneurial network configurations, and predict which network goals and capabilities their performance is contingent on.
Organizational Membership and Business Success: The Importance of Networking and Moving Beyond Homophily
The homophily principle is that similarity breeds connection and affects the structure of personal networks in all kinds of social structures. The result is that networks become very homogeneous. The
Networking Activities and Growth of Newly Founded Firms under Incubation
The network approach to entrepreneurship has become a notable theoretical perspective within the literature. Networking activities enable gaining resources for new ventures in growth process while
Social Capital and Entrepreneurship Inside an Italian Cluster - An Empirical Investigation
This paper aims to explain the role of local context in the development of start-ups’ social networks, according to a sociological perspective of entrepreneurship, which considers social capital as a
Relationships Between Networking, Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Firm Growth: The Case Of Slovenian Companies
Abstract Social networks represent the immediate environment in which entrepreneurs are embedded and they therefore have a great influence on entrepreneurs’ behavior. Entrepreneurs’ social networks
International entrepreneurial capabilities:The role of networks in the small multinational enterprise
Interest in entrepreneurial internationalisation, i.e. the pursuit of business opportunities across national borders through the orientation of individuals and firms towards innovativeness,
Resource provision ego-networks in small Greek construction firms
The prominence of small professional service providers in a fragmented construction sector in part relates to the ability to provide competitive advantage through the provision of a personalized
The Old-Boy Network and the Quality of Entrepreneurs
We study a model of network formation and start-up financing with endogenous entrepreneurial type distribution. A hub firm admits members to its network based on signals about entrepreneurs’ types.


The effects of organic amendments on the restoration of a disturbed coastal sage scrub habitat
The effectiveness of organic mulch as a simple means of enhancing the restoration of disturbed lands by providing a competitive edge to native perennials over exotic annuals was studied by investigating the effect of organic amendments on microbial activity and nitrogen immobilization through both soil analysis and above-ground plant growth.
RELEASE OF THE HORMONE-LIKE ACTIVITIES FROM Allolobophora rosea (Sav.) AND Allolobophora caliginosa (Sav.) FECES
The effects of humus on plant metabolism are conditioned by the release of the hormone-like activities contained in HEf bound to HSp. HEf and HSp are both humic fractions that can be separated from
Humic Acids Isolated from Earthworm Compost Enhance Root Elongation, Lateral Root Emergence, and Plasma Membrane H+-ATPase Activity in Maize Roots1
Investigating the effects of humic acids isolated from cattle manure earthworm compost on the earliest stages of lateral root development and on the plasma membrane H+-ATPase activity reveals the presence of exchangeable auxin groups in the macrostructure of the earthworms compost HA.
Activities of rhizosphere microorganisms as affected by application of organic amendments in a calcareous loamy soil. 2. Nitrogen transformations
The activities of some nitrogen transforming microorganisms in the rhizosphere of both alfalfa and wheat growing in a calcareous loamy soil of Saudi Arabia as affected by organic amendments have been
Earthworm humic matter produces auxin-like effects on Daucus carota cell growth and nitrate metabolism
It is shown that HEf affects nitrate metabolism, has auxin-like activity, was strongly acidic and had elevated peptide, carbohydrate and aliphatic C contents.
Effect of earthworm humic substances on esterase and peroxidase activity during growth of leaf explants of Nicotiana plumbaginifolia
Differences demonstrate that humic substances exhibited a hormone-like behaviour, but no evidence of a relationship between biological activities and chemical characteristics of humus substances was found.
Stimulation of Plant Growth by Humic Substances1
Humic substances prepared by different techniques of extraction and from different sources of organic materials were tested for their effects on growth of corn seedlings and algae. Stimulating
Effects of humic and fulvic acids on growth of tobacco
SummaryOrganic matter was extracted with a mixture of 0.1M Na4P2O7 and 0.1M NaOH from soil and a commercial organic matter product, ‘Aqua Humus’, and separated into humic and fulvic acids according
Changes in the microbial activity of an arid soil amended with urban organic wastes
Abstract Changes produced in the biological characteristics of an arid soil by the addition of various urban wastes (municipal solid waste, sewage sludge and compost) at different doses, were
Long-term spring wheat response to summerfallow frequency and organic amendment in southern Alberta
Amendment with livestock manure resulted in the highest grain yields for wheat grown on summerfallow, while 3 yr of hay in the rotation produced the highest stubble wheat...