Personal NO2 exposures of preschool children in Helsinki.

  title={Personal NO2 exposures of preschool children in Helsinki.},
  author={Sari Alm and Kristiina Mukala and Pentti A. Pasanen and Pekka Tiittanen and Juhani Ruuskanen and Juoko Tuomisto and Matti Juhani Jantunen},
  journal={Journal of exposure analysis and environmental epidemiology},
  volume={8 1},
Weekly personal NO2 exposures of 246 children aged 3-6 years were measured with Palmes tubes during 13 weeks in winter and spring in 1991. Measurements were made in eight day-care centers in the downtown and suburban areas of Helsinki, Finland. At the same time, inside and outside NO2 concentration of the day-care centers and the ambient air fixed site measurements were conducted. Palmes tubes were found to be applicable for NO2 exposure measurements of preschool children, but rather high… CONTINUE READING

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