Personal Account: A woman tried and tested

  title={Personal Account: A woman tried and tested},
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An approach to the biological, historical and psychological repercussions of gender verification in top level competitions
Martinez-Patino MJ, Mateos-Padorno C, Martinez-Vidal A, Sanchez AM, Garcia JL, Diaz MP, Tourino CF. An approach to the biological, historical and psychological repercussions of gender verification in
Testosterone and sport: Current perspectives
Out of Bounds? A Critique of the New Policies on Hyperandrogenism in Elite Female Athletes
The new policies in response to Caster Semenya's case are questioned on three grounds: the underlying scientific assumptions; the policymaking process; and the potential to achieve fairness for female athletes.
Toward a Nonbinary Model of Gender/Sex Traits
Abstract I argue against the exclusive female/male divide, referring to the phenomenon of epistemic injustice in the cases of people with nonbinary gender identities and people with intersex traits.
The Medical Examination of Lady Competitors: Sex Control in Skiing, 1967–2000
  • L. Pieper
  • Education
    The International Journal of the History of Sport
  • 2021
Abstract The International Ski Federation (FIS) instituted sex testing protocols in 1967. In doing so, it followed the example set by the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) and became
The End of Compulsory Gender Verification: Is It Progress for Inclusion of Women in Sports?
The case of Martinez-Patiño remains in the collective memory of elite sports and serves as an argument for national and international sporting institutions to reconsider discriminating policies in the context of progress being made for women’s rights.
Bodies, borders, and Caster Semenya: geocorporeality and the disciplinary work of imaginary geographies
Abstract The sex and gender status of elite athlete Caster Semenya has been the focus of much public debate concerning the legal and semantic boundaries of women’s bodies and of the need to create a
The paper presents the concept of masculinity within the non-binary and multilayered model of gender/sex traits. Within that model, masculinity is not a simple idea, but rather is fragmented into