Persona: An Architecture for Animated Agent Interfaces


Several years ago we started a project called Persona, with the goal of building a framework for animated, conversational, agent-based interfaces. The project stitched together state-of-the-art speech recognition and natural language understanding components, with a 3D animation and control system of our own design. The first interface that we built with this framework was a 3D animated parrot named "Peedy", that controlled a musical jukebox. Users could ask Peedy to play various musical selections, and Peedy would do his best to comply, while engaging the user with entertaining sound and graphics. Persona is an interface architecture, and Peedy was our first test of that architecture. Certain aspects of Peedy worked well, while other aspects were inadequate for the task. However, we learned a significant amount by building Peedy, which will influence future modifications to the agent architecture. Lessons that we learned from building Persona and Peedy will be useful to others building animated, agent-based interfaces.

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