Persistent vulvar hemorrhage secondary to vaginal hemangioma in dogs.

  title={Persistent vulvar hemorrhage secondary to vaginal hemangioma in dogs.},
  author={Jonathan M Miller and Nicolaas E Lambrechts and R. A. Martin and Dan Phillip Sponenberg and Molly Subasic},
  journal={Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association},
  volume={44 2},
Two young female dogs were presented with a chronic history of persistent vulvar hemorrhage. Vaginoscopy was ultimately used to locate bleeding vaginal masses near the urethral papilla. In both cases, episiotomy was performed to resect the mass, and hemangioma was diagnosed histologically. These tumors caused persistent vaginal bleeding; they were difficult to diagnose without vaginoscopy and lavage; and surgical excision was curative in at least one case. 

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