Persistent trigeminal artery and associated vascular variations.

  title={Persistent trigeminal artery and associated vascular variations.},
  author={Thomas Jose Eluvathingal Muttikkal and Selvaraj Joye Varghese and Venugopal Naik Keluth Chavan},
  journal={Australasian radiology},
  volume={51 Spec No.},
Persistent trigeminal artery (PTA) is the most frequent type of persistent primitive carotid-basilar artery anastomoses. Persistent trigeminal artery is usually associated with small or absent posterior communicating artery (Pcom). It may also be associated with hypoplastic vertebral and basilar arteries. Patients may present with symptoms related to hypo-perfusion of posterior circulation or microembolization from carotid artery to posterior circulation. We are presenting a 60-year-old who had… CONTINUE READING


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