Persistent scatterer SAR interferometry application on berkeley hills landslides


Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) interferometry is a powerful tool for measuring ground movements by exploiting phase difference of SAR images taken at different time. It has been successfully used in studying earth processes such as volcano deformation, tectonic deformation, and land subsidence but rarely applied in landslides. In this paper we aim to monitor the Berkeley Hills landslides by applying advanced interferometry method, Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) to both Stripmap and Spotlight TerraSAR-X data and compare the results with previous ERS and Radarsat data results.

DOI: 10.1109/IGARSS.2011.6050178

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@inproceedings{Lei2011PersistentSS, title={Persistent scatterer SAR interferometry application on berkeley hills landslides}, author={Ling Lei and Yinqing Zhou and Jing-wen Li and Roland Burgmann}, booktitle={IGARSS}, year={2011} }