Persistent psychotic disorder in an adolescent with a past history of butane gas dependence

  title={Persistent psychotic disorder in an adolescent with a past history of butane gas dependence},
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Inhalants abuse: Status of etiology and intervention
This chapter summarizes extant research on etiology and clinical practices pertaining to inhalant use and abuse and summarizes existing research on prevention or treatment programs specifically for inhalant abuse.
Inhalant Use and Inhalant Use Disorders in the United States
Inhalant abuse remains the least-studied form of substance abuse, although research on its epidemiology, neurobiology, treatment, and prevention has accelerated in recent years.
Neuronal Mechanisms Underlying Development of Nicotine Dependence: Implications for Novel Smoking-Cessation Treatments
The neural substrates, especially nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, that mediate the reinforcing effects of nicotine and the development of nicotine dependence are focused on.


[A case report of volatile solvent psychosis].
A case with chronic thinner intoxication, whose mental condition was reexamined in accord with a court order, may suggest that the first rank symptoms are important manifestations of volatile solvent psychosis.
[Inhalant abusers and psychiatric symptoms].
The results suggest that chronic psychiatric symptoms are caused not only by inhalant abuse, but also by the genetic factors of psychosis of each patient.
Psychiatric and Neurological Effects of Chronic Solvent Abuse
The findings suggest that the chronic inhalation of toluene-based adhesives can produce a paranoid psychosis which may persist, and attention is drawn to the necessity for educational programs in this area.
Schizophreniform psychosis associated with chronic industrial toluene exposure: case report.
A case of an irreversible schizophreniform psychosis associated with 5 years of continuous occupational exposure to toluene is reported, which is believed to be the first case of its kind in the world.
World Health Organization. The ICD-10 classification of mental and behavioral disorders, clinical descriptions and diagnostic guidelines. Geneva: World Health Organization
  • 1992