Persistent diarrhea in northeast Brazil: etiologies and interactions with malnutrition.

  title={Persistent diarrhea in northeast Brazil: etiologies and interactions with malnutrition.},
  author={Aldo {\^A}ngelo M Lima and Guo-ren Fang and John B. Schorling and L de Albuquerque and J F McAuliffe and S. Mota and Roberio Leite and R. L. Guerrant},
  journal={Acta paediatrica (Oslo, Norway : 1992). Supplement},
With the improved control of acute diarrheal illness mortality with oral rehydration therapy, persistent diarrhea is now emerging as a major cause of childhood mortality in tropical developing areas like the impoverished populations in Brazil's Northeast. "Graveyard surveillance" in the rural community of Guaiuba in northeastern Brazil revealed fully half of the 70% diarrhea mortality was due to persistent diarrheal illnesses. Furthermore, 11% of 14 or more diarrheal illnesses per child per… CONTINUE READING

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