Persistent atomic frequency comb based on Zeeman sub-levels of an erbium-doped crystal waveguide

  title={Persistent atomic frequency comb based on Zeeman sub-levels of an erbium-doped crystal waveguide},
  author={M. F. Askarani and T. Lutz and M. G. Puigibert and N. Sinclair and D. Oblak and W. Tittel},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Physics},
Long-lived sub-levels of the electronic ground-state manifold of rare-earth ions in crystals can be used as atomic population reservoirs for photon echo-based quantum memories. We measure the dynamics of the Zeeman sub-levels of erbium ions that are doped into a lithium niobate waveguide, finding population lifetimes at cryogenic temperatures as long as seconds. Then, using these levels, we prepare and characterize atomic frequency combs, which can serve as a memory for quantum light at 1532 nm… Expand

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