Persistent B19 parvovirus infections in haemophilic HIV-1 infected patients.

  title={Persistent B19 parvovirus infections in haemophilic HIV-1 infected patients.},
  author={Monica Musiani and Marialuisa Zerbini and Giovanna Angela Gentilomi and Giuseppina Rodorigo and Vincenzo de Rosa and Davide Gibellini and Simona Venturoli and Giorgio Gallinella},
  journal={Journal of medical virology},
  volume={46 2},
B19 infection can be acquired by transmission with blood factors in patients with congenital bleeding disorders, requiring clotting factor concentrates. In immunodeficient patients, the failure of immunity to clear B19 virus may produce persistent infections. The presence of B19 DNA in blood samples from seven haemophilic patients with concomitant HIV-1 infection was studied over a period of three-to-four years. Dot blot hybridization assays with DNA and RNA probes were used to detect medium… CONTINUE READING


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