Persistence and biodegradation of carbaryl in soils.

  title={Persistence and biodegradation of carbaryl in soils.},
  author={Kadiyala Venkateswarlu and K. Chendrayan and Nabrattil Sethunathan},
  journal={Journal of environmental science and health. Part. B, Pesticides, food contaminants, and agricultural wastes},
  volume={15 4},
The persistence of the methylcarbamate pesticide carbaryl was studied in four soils under flooded conditions. A substantial portion of the pesticide was recovered from all soils even after 15 days of its application, with the recovery ranging from 37% in an alluvial soil to 73% in an acid sulfate soil. The degradation of carbaryl was more rapid under flooded conditions than under nonflooded conditions. A bacterium, Pseudomonas cepacia, isolated from a flooded soil amended with a related… CONTINUE READING

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