Persistence, performance, and goal setting in massive open online courses

  title={Persistence, performance, and goal setting in massive open online courses},
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Assessment of English Foreign Language Learners: MOOC Material Resume and Review of Online Professional English Network (OPEN)
As a personal research note, this paper presents the summary and review of the course material "Assessment of English Language Learners" from the author's participation in the Massive Open Online


Learners’ Perceptions and Experiences of Two Chemistry MOOCs: Implications for Teaching and Design
ABSTRACT Most Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) research studies have focused on students’ demographics, surveys, and retention data, while little attention has been paid to the authentic voices of
The Effect of Mental Practice and Goal Setting as a Transfer of Training Intervention on Supervisors’ Self‐efficacy and Communication Skills: An Exploratory Study
Mental practice was investigated in a pulp and paper mill as a post-training intervention with regard to self-efficacy and the transfer of newly taught communication skills to the work setting and Hierarchical regression analysis indicated that the supervisor’s imagery skills moderated the effect of mental practice on self-efficiency.
The impact of goal orientation on self‐regulation and performance among college students
The first objective of this study was to examine whether a relationship exists between types of goal orientation, self-regulatory processes and school performance and the second was to examine how
Performance-Approach Goals: Good for What, for Whom, under What Circumstances, and at What Cost?.
Some researchers have called for a reconceptualization of goal theory that acknowledges the positive effects of performance-approach goals. The authors of the present article review studies that
The Motivational Effects of Participation Versus Goal Setting on Performance
The motivational effects of participative decision making (PDM) in work strategies versus goal setting were examined in performance of college students assigned to a toy assembly project. The resul...
Achievement goals and intrinsic motivation: Their relation and their role in adaptive motivation
In this article, the relation between research emerging from the goals approach to motivation and research emerging from the intrinsic motivation approach is examined. A review of relevant research
Self-Efficacy, Goal Orientation, and Fear of Failure as Predictors of School Engagement in High School Students.
Lack of school engagement among adolescents in this country remains a problem that can have very serious consequences including increased risk for school dropout, substance use, teenage pregnancy,