Perrault's memoirs and Bernini: a reconsideration

  title={Perrault's memoirs and Bernini: a reconsideration},
  author={Jeanne Morgan Zarucchi},
  journal={Renaissance Studies},
Gianlorenzo Bernini was invited to Paris by Louis XIV, from June through October 1665, to oversee his plan for the expansion of the Louvre. This design was not implemented, but during his brief stay, Bernini made a dramatic impression on contemporary eyewitnesses, including the French writer Charles Perrault. Perrault's Memoirs have been discounted as a credible source, since his brother Claude was ultimately selected as the architect of the Louvre's new east façade, and Perrault is assumed to… 


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The assertion that the head was recarved, not removed, is made by Berger
    For a discussion of the origins of the equestrian statue, see D. Bernini, The Life of G
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      Bernini's promise to fashion the king's head with his own hand is cited from a letter from Bernini to Colbert on
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      The bozzetto is presently in the Villa Borghese in Rome; the Bernini drawing is in the Museo Civico in Bassano del Grappa
        Bernini's Louis XIV
        • Comptes des bâtiments
        Bernini's Louis XIV
        • Comptes des bâtiments du roi sous le règne de Louis XIV