Peroxynitrous acid--where is the hydroxyl radical?

  title={Peroxynitrous acid--where is the hydroxyl radical?},
  author={Reinhard Kissner and Thomas Nauser and Christophe R Kurz and Willem H Koppenol},
  journal={IUBMB life},
  volume={55 10-11},
Peroxynitrite is an inorganic toxin of physiological interest, formed from the diffusion-controlled reaction of superoxide and nitrogen monoxide with a rate constant of (1.6 +/- 0.3) x 10(10) M(-1) s(-1). On the basis of three experiments we conclude that homolysis of the O-O bond in peroxynitrous acid is unlikely: (1) the yield of nitrite from the decomposition of peroxynitrite shows a dependence on the peroxynitrite concentration and is lower than expected for homolysis; (2) the yield of [15N… CONTINUE READING