Peroxynitrite impairs cardiac contractile function by decreasing cardiac efficiency.

  title={Peroxynitrite impairs cardiac contractile function by decreasing cardiac efficiency.},
  author={Richard Schulz and Kimberly L. Dodge and Gary D Lopaschuk and Alexander A S C Clanachan},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={272 3 Pt 2},
Peroxynitrite (ONOO-) inhibits energy metabolism in isolated cells and mitochondria and may be involved in the depression of cardiac mechanical function during pathophysiological states. We determined the actions of ONOO- on cardiac function and energy metabolism in isolated working rat hearts and compared them with the NO donor S-nitroso-DL-acetylpenicillamine (SNAP). After a 15-min baseline aerobic perfusion, ONOO- (4 or 40 microM), SNAP (40 microM), or their vehicles were infused over a 60… CONTINUE READING
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