Peroxynitrite and brain mitochondria: evidence for increased proton leak.

  title={Peroxynitrite and brain mitochondria: evidence for increased proton leak.},
  author={Paul S Brookes and John M. Land and John Bates Clark and Simon J. R. Heales},
  journal={Journal of neurochemistry},
  volume={70 5},
Peroxynitrite has been reported to inhibit irreversibly mitochondrial respiration. Here we show that three sequential additions of 200 microM peroxynitrite (initial concentration) to rat brain mitochondria (0.2 mg of protein/ml) significantly stimulated state 4 respiration and that further additions progressively inhibited it. No stimulation of state 3 respiration or of the maximal enzymatic activities of the respiratory chain complexes was observed on identical peroxynitrite exposure. State 4… CONTINUE READING
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