Peroxovanadium compounds: Biolgoical actions and mechanism of insulin-mimesis

  title={Peroxovanadium compounds: Biolgoical actions and mechanism of insulin-mimesis},
  author={A. Paul Bevan and Paul G. Drake and Jean-François Yale and Alan Shaver and Barry I. Posner},
  journal={Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry},
When used alone, both vanadate and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) are weakly insulin-mimetic, while in combination they are strongly synergistic due to the formation of aqueous peroxovanadium species pV(aq). Administration of these pV(aq) species leads to activation of the insulin receptor tyrosine kinase (IRK), autophosphorylation at tyrosine residues and inhibition of phosphotyrosine phosphatases (PTPs). We therefore undertook to synthesize a series of peroxovanadium (pV) compounds containing one… CONTINUE READING