Peroxidase-catalysed interfacial adhesion of aquatic caddisworm silk.

  title={Peroxidase-catalysed interfacial adhesion of aquatic caddisworm silk.},
  author={Ching-Shuen Wang and Huaizhong Pan and G Mahika Weerasekare and Russell J. Stewart},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Society, Interface},
  volume={12 112}
Casemaker caddisfly (Hesperophylax occidentalis) larvae use adhesive silk fibres to construct protective shelters under water. The silk comprises a distinct peripheral coating on a viscoelastic fibre core. Caddisworm silk peroxinectin (csPxt), a haem-peroxidase, was shown to be glycosylated by lectin affinity chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry… CONTINUE READING