Peroneal nerve conduction velocity after chronic electrical stimulation.

  title={Peroneal nerve conduction velocity after chronic electrical stimulation.},
  author={Robert L. Waters and D R Mcneal and J Tasto},
  journal={Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation},
  volume={56 6},
The effects of electric stimulation on nerve conduction velocity of the peroneal nerve via surgically implanted electrodes was evaluated in a group of nine hemiplegic patients. After a mean duration of 25 months nerve conduction velocity averaged 47.3 meters/sec in the uninvolved and 46.1 meters/sec in the stimulated (paretic) extremity. In a control group of ten hemiplegic subjects who did not receive stimulation, nerve conduction velocity averaged 43.1 meters/sec in the hemiplegic leg, and 41… CONTINUE READING
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