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Permutations on Weierstrass Prym eigenforms

  title={Permutations on Weierstrass Prym eigenforms},
  author={Rodolfo Guti'errez-Romo and Angel Pardo},
Let X ∈ H(2) be a Veech surface of discriminant D and let G (X) be the permutation group induced by the a ne group of X on the set of Weierstrass points of X . We show thatG (X) Dih4 if D≡4 0,G (X) Dih5 if D≡8 5, andG (X) Dih6 if D≡81, whereDihn is the dihedral group of order 2n. Thus,G (X) is a weak invariant, as it can distinguish the residue class ofDmod 8, but it cannot tell di erent spin invariants apart whenD≡81. Moreover, we show that the same groups arise whenwe only consider the action… 


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