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Permutation Weights for Affine Lie Algebras

  title={Permutation Weights for Affine Lie Algebras},
  author={Hasan R. Karadayi and Meltem Gungormez},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
We show that permutation weights, which are previously introduced for finite Lie algebras, can be appropriately defined also for affine Lie algebras. This allows us to classify all the weights of an affine Weyl orbit explicitly. Let $\Lambda$ be a dominant weight of an affine Lie algebra $ G_N^{(r)} $ for r=1,2,3. At each and every order M of weight depths, the set $\wp_M(\Lambda)$ of permutation weights is formed out of a finite number of dominant weights of the finite Lie algebra $G_N$. In… 



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