Permeability properties of the mammalian bladder apical membrane.

  title={Permeability properties of the mammalian bladder apical membrane.},
  author={Annisa Chang and Timothy G Hammond and T T Sun and Mark Lawrence Zeidel},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={267 5 Pt 1},
The luminal surface of mammalian bladder is exposed to urine with a composition widely different from that of plasma that bathes the basolateral surface of epithelium. Therefore we predict that the bladder permeability barrier, which is likely located in the apical membrane (AM), will exhibit low permeabilities to water, urea, NH3, H+, and small nonelectrolytes. AM surface area increases as the bladder fills with urine and decreases during emptying, a process that involves cyclical endocytosis… CONTINUE READING
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