Permanganate Pills in Cholera


VTiui efficiency of permanganate pills in cholera is no longer a matter of controversy, and several firms have made coated pills, and are making a good business of it. While working in the cholera ward of the Medical College Hospital, Calcutta, where I had the opportunity of treating a lot of cases, both in 'the hospital and outside, I noticed that fresh soft pills made in the hospital gave me much better results than the imported pills?the former being less frequently vomited, or passed with the stool undissolved. The pills in the Medical College Hospital were made in my time with kaoliln, and vaseline and coated with gum sandarae. These pills were very much cheaper than the imported pills, which was also a matter of consideration for one who had to treat a large number of patients. So, when I was transferred to a mufassil station, I took some soft pills with me for my use there. But, to my disappointment, in a few months these became mouldy and useless. So I started experimenting with different substances, and have at last found a coating satisfying the following conditions, vis. (1) the pills

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