Permanent magnets including undulators and wigglers

  title={Permanent magnets including undulators and wigglers},
  author={Johannes Bahrdt},
  journal={arXiv: Accelerator Physics},
  • J. Bahrdt
  • Published 8 March 2011
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Accelerator Physics
After a few historic remarks on magnetic materials we introduce the basic definitions related to permanent magnets. The magnetic properties of the most common materials are reviewed and the production processes are described. Measurement techniques for the characterization of macroscopic and microscopic properties of permanent magnets are presented. Field simulation techniques for permanent magnet devices are discussed. Today, permanent magnets are used in many fields. This article concentrates… 


Nowadays one of the main objectives for insertion devices manufacturers is to reduce the gap of undulators as much as possible while keeping the features of the generated magnetic eld. Because of

Magnetic Pick, Mechanical Place on Small Scales*

  • R. PelrineA. Hsu
  • Materials Science
    2022 International Conference on Manipulation, Automation and Robotics at Small Scales (MARSS)
  • 2022
Magnetic pick has been used for decades as a means of manipulating parts. However, its scaling advantages on small scales using permanent magnets is perhaps less well known. Permanent magnets can

Beam Diagnostics and Spectroscopy at X-ray Free Electron Lasers



The Science and Technology of Undulators and Wigglers

1. Introduction 2. Fundamentals of Synchrotron Radiation Emission 3. Synchrotron Radiation Output from Multipole Wigglers 4. Synchrotron Radiation Output from Undulators 5. Computation of Synchrotron

Advances in Permanent Magnetism

Introduction and Historical Perspective Magnetism and the Permanent Magnet The Physics of Permanent Magnetism and the Origin of Permanent Magnet Behavior Classification of Permanent Magnet Property

Magnetic Domains. The Analysis of Magnetic Microstructures

A. Hubert and R. Schafer, Magnetic Domains. The Analysis of Magnetic Microstructures, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Heidelberg, New York ~1998!, 720 pp., 400 figs., ISBN 3-540-64108-4 An overwhelming

Understanding Modern Magnets through Conformal Mapping

This talk aims to show with the help of a number of examples that conformal mapping is a unique and enormously powerful tool for thinking about, and solving, problems and to show that in most cases conformal mapped functions can be obtained by formulating the underlying physics appropriately.

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