Permanent hypertension after renal homotransplantation in man.

  title={Permanent hypertension after renal homotransplantation in man.},
  author={Jean Pierre Gr{\"u}nfeld and D J Kleinknecht and Jean François Moreau and Pierre P. Kamoun and J K Sabto and Romeo Garc{\'i}a-Torres and Marta R. Os{\'o}rio and Henri A Kreis},
  journal={Clinical science and molecular medicine},
  volume={48 5},
1. In forty-one patients who underwent renal homotransplantation the following measurements were made: (a) blood flow and its distribution in the transplanted kidney as measured by the 85-Kr washout method; (b) renin release in the renal vein of the transplant; (c) arteriovenous difference in plasma renin activity (PRA) of the recipient's remaining left… CONTINUE READING