Permanent Stations for Calibration/Validation of Thermal Sensors over Spain


The Global Change Unit (GCU) at the University of Valencia has been involved in several calibration/validation (cal/val) activities carried out in dedicated field campaigns organized by ESA and other organisms. However, permanent stations are required in order to ensure a long-term and continuous calibration of on-orbit sensors. In the framework of the CEOS-Spain project, the GCU has managed the set-up and launch of experimental sites in Spain for the calibration of thermal infrared sensors and the validation of Land Surface Temperature (LST) products derived from those data. Currently, three sites have been identified and equipped: the agricultural area of Barrax (39.05 N, 2.1 W), the marshland area in the National Park of Doñana (36.99 N, 6.44 W), and the semi-arid area of the National Park of Cabo de Gata (36.83 N, 2.25 W). This work presents the performance of the permanent stations installed over the different test areas, as well as the cal/val results obtained for a number of Earth Observation sensors: SEVIRI, MODIS, and TIRS/Landsat-8.

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