[PermCath as intravenous access in chronic hemodialysis].


PermCath is a dual-lumen silicone catheter for permanent venous access for hemodialysis. During an observation period from 1 July 1988 to 30 June 1991, 49 PermCath were inserted in 32 patients. In 24 patients (75%), the PermCath was used as sole method of access for hemodialysis through the observation period. Six of the 24 patients required changing of the catheter once, and in three patients the PermCath functioned properly only after the third insertion of a PermCath. In eight patients, vascular access could not be accomplished using the PermCath and these patients were all hemodialyzed through another vascular access. Four patients developed bacteraemia and one patient developed thrombosis of the subclavian vein during the observation period. Insertion of the PermCath is easy and, in case of malfunction, changing or removal of the catheter is easily accomplished. The PermCath is recommended as an alternative to existing techniques for intravenous access for hemodialysis.

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